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The Ties that Bind Eye Color and Personality

Changing your eye color can do more than just change your appearance. Understanding how color affects personality, mood and other people’s perceptions is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, a mounting body of research points to the fact that color can be used to convey a message.

Artists, advertisers and even police understand this. Think about why a fire engine is red. Because red, apart from the fact that it stands out, conveys a sense of urgency or excitement.

It was found that when the employees of a film laboratory in Lyon France worked all day bathed in red light, they were lively and animated. When they switched to green light, these same employees became less tired and much calmer.

“The eyes are the windows to the soul. “It may be a clichéd phrase these days, but recent research adds support to the belief that eye color indicates something about one’s personality.

Personalities connected to specific eye colorsResearch and People’s Perception of Eye Color

The Impulse Research Corporation in Los Angeles conducted a survey; they polled 1,016 women aged between 16 and 35. The results indicated that people often associate different eye colors with specific personality traits.

The following is a summary of the results:

Brown Eyes

34% of survey respondents thought that brown eyes indicated an intelligent personality. While 16% thought brown-eyed people were trustworthy and 13% indicated kindness as a significant personality trait. Qualities they least associated with brown-eyed individuals were shyness (6 percent) and creativity (4 percent).

Blue Eyes

42% of individuals survey though that blue-eyed people exuded sweetness, with other traits being, sexy (21%) and kind (10%).

In contrast to brown eyes, only 7% of those surveyed thought of blue-eyed individuals as intelligent.

Green Eyes

25% of respondents associated green eyes with sexiness while other perceived traits were creativity (25%0 and surprisingly devious (20%). Green-eyed people are not considered trustworthy with only 3%. Unlike blue eyes only 4% of those surveyed associated green eyes with being sweet.

This study is not alone in trying to establish a link between eye color and personality. Other studies have indicated that blue-eyed children have the propensity to have more behavioral inhibitions compared to their brown-eyed counterparts. Among kids who suffer from stuttering, those with blue eyes have more deficiency in their speech processes. Also, there have been studies in the past which found the connection of eye color to factors of medical prognosis that could predict pathological vulnerabilities. Eye color has even been studied to foresee alcoholism occurrence in adulthood.

You may dismiss all this as mystic waffle or alternative crap, but according to research at Bloomsburg University, color affects mood, even to the extent that some therapies use color as part of their healing practices. While religion has for centuries used color to symbolize emotions and beliefs. In advertising, it is well known that color influences a buyer’s behavior and that color possess a meaning.

What Does Eye Color Mean to Me?

So, once you have an understanding of all this, it’s no surprise that changing your eye color can make a big difference to how people perceive and react. It can be far more than just a simple cosmetic change. When you gaze into someone’s eyes, you’re subconsciously making a judgment about that person. And psychologist has known for many years that the subconscious plays a big part in our daily lives. Shaping much of our behavior.

Our initial reaction when we meet someone for the first time plays a big part in how we react. Wouldn’t it be fun to experiment with this? Colored contact lenses may be the answer. Imagine if by just wearing a pair of $30 brown contact lenses you could alter other people perceptions.

Cosmetic eyewear like brown contact lenses is not just for women either. Ask most girls, and they are likely to confess that the eyes are the feature they find most attractive in a guy.

Colored contact lenses have never been more affordable and easier to use than they are today. If you think you have trouble meeting people, changing your eye color may be worth it. Let’s face it it’s a whole lot easy than dieting and much more proactive than sitting in front of a mirror obsessed with the fact that your nose is too big, or your breasts are too small. For the costs of a couple of movie tickets, you could conduct your own experiment. Get out there and try.