About Us

VisionShop.me is dedicated to providing superior and innovative eyecare solutions via the internet at extremely competitive prices.

Our Optical Experience

Our first focus is providing excellent quality eye care and information combined with highly advantageous pricing. When you purchase something from the VisionShop.me, you can rest assured that our website is based on years of experience in the retail optical business.

VisionShop.me began in 2005 as the internet branch of Yoda Optical Ltd., the largest chain of optical stores in Western Canada. Our site has always been the result of collaboration between practicing opticians and other eyewear professionals, all working together to provide top quality brand name products at great prices.

VisionShop.me is dedicated to bringing safe and convenient on-line eyewear shopping to customers all over the world, and we take pride in offering personalized customer service, excellent product selection, and professional advice. We take the health of your eyes very seriously.