• Reading Glasses

    Cute & Cool Designer Reading Glasses for Women

    Trendy Women’s Eyewear Glasses Have Crystals or Two Colors

    Older women all over the country can buy hip trendy designer reading glasses. Brilliant European style for eyewear has crystals on the temple and/or two colors.

    Most stylish women in Europe wear plastic designer eyewear with subtle rhinestones or crystals on the temple of the earpiece. Cute styles of eyeglasses or reading glasses have two colors (or more) and are a brilliant look, with or without sparkles.

    Italian style, along with Parisian style, is so far ahead of the states that a woman, who copies the look of European women’s glasses, will have eyewear that is trendy for years.

    Cheap Glasses

    Here are some cute and inexpensive copies of the glorious, beautifully trendy, high-end spectacles seen around Italy recently. The following selections are cheap knockoffs, but no one in Kansas will know the difference.

    There are all kinds of young and hip reading glasses on the internet. And, American consumers are so lucky to have a rainbow of brands and styles, from elegant black to edgy lime green, all easily available. A few of the eyeglass sites will even customize styles.

    This is just a taste.


    Peepers always have to fab cute stuff at working-class prices. Most of the Peepers glasses go from +1.25, for younger boomer chicks, up to a strength of +2.75. Hopefully, most eyeglass stores will begin to stock higher strengths/powers as the, ever so vain, baby boomers grow older.

    Peeper’s styles:

    • Evening at the Met: These Peepers readers are black plastic with rhinestones at the temples of the earpiece. Disregard the name and wear these glasses during the day. These specs would be cute on a blonde woman or a gal with Goth-dyed black hair.
    • Stars to Night: Notice that the crystals are seen from the side. While it’s okay to have rhinestones on the front, the sides (or temple/earpiece) is where the main focus should be. The front can be plain.
    • My Stripes: These have no rhinestones but they have a perfect grooving style.
    • Royal Amethyst: Notice how the inside color differs but bleeds around to the black. Even men in Italy (metro/straight) wear colors like these.

    Betsy Johnson

    Betsy Johnson is a little too old to be a boomer, but she has always been a mod, hippie inspiration for boomer chicks.

    • Betsy Johnson 010 Jade: See how the different colors show up depending on how a woman turns her head.
    • Betsy Johnson 010 Burgundy: Notice that the temples are the focus, with an interesting flecked-plastic texture.

    Designer Collection by Moxie

    Moxie has some very inexpensive, but still chic readers.

    • Sassy’s Half Frame: Check out how these are two-toned, have no rhinestones, but still have a modern look. These go up to +3.00 strength.
    • Candy Beans: This style is only $18, yet they still have cool and unusual colors, and the earpiece is brilliant.

    Jimmy Crystal

    Some of the Jimmy Crystal readers look like they are for old ladies. So, be careful with these. For a contemporary European look, there should be a very little embellishment on the front part of the glasses (frame). The temple/earpiece should not be too thin. If the crystals are on the front and the side piece is too thin, the readers will look like something from “The Far Side”.

    Once a woman knows what Jimmy Crystal style is good for her face and for saving face, she can search online for the best price.

    • Jimmy Crystal JCR190 Reader Red Frame: This style is right because the bling is on the temple.
    • Jimmy Crystal JCR131: These glasses have too many rhinestones for the new European style.
    • Women who have outdated reading glasses should keep them around. Trends may change.

    For a European look, Baby Boomers and older women should get readers with the bling mostly on the side. A cool two-tone or tri-tone plastic is also in style in Italy. Soon the trend will drift across the sea.

  • Sunglasses

    Oversized Bifocal Sunglasses for Boomer Chicks

    Big Sunglasses are Cute but Hard to Find as Reading Glasses

    Large tinted reading sunglasses are cute for Boomer women. Big sunglasses or bifocals block harmful UV rays, camouflage wrinkles, and make women look younger.

    Many Boomer Chicks look good in large sunglasses and big hats. Who can see wrinkles with all that shade? Oversized bifocal sunglasses and tinted specs help disguise the need for reading glasses.

    Oversized Sunglasses

    Oversized sunglasses have made a comeback and not a moment too soon. Now, Boomer Chicks can cover their wrinkles, protect their eyes, and distract from their lesser attributes, while hiding behind large, tinted bifocal sunglasses.

    Big, fun sunglasses became a hit redux when Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton latched onto this retro eyewear theme. Of course, Boomers should never adopt a style just because immature celebrities do. The real reason to embrace big sunglasses is that elegant Italian women have.

    Bifocal Sunglasses

    It is easy to find big sunglasses online. It is easy to find reading sunglasses online. The problem is that it is difficult (at this time) to find oversized reading sunglasses. Did buyers miss something?

    If younger women are snapping up oversized designer sunglasses, doesn’t it make sense that Baby Boomers would be next in line? How else are Baby Boomer women supposed to read their romance novels by the pool on those cruise ships?

    Oversized Reading Sunglasses

    Here are some options for the terminally hip:

    • Buy discount designer sunglasses from overstock.com and have lenses changed at an optometrist.
    • Go shopping for readers in Venice or Hong Kong.
    • Try changing the wording of a Google search by adding “eBay” to the keywords.

    Hopefully, this article will help change the availability of oversized women’s reading sunglasses, but for now, when one searches online for bifocal sunglasses there are only a few timid styles.

    To get more eyewear options, try Googling something like “eBay oversized reading sunglasses”. The inclusion of “eBay” appears to bring up more diversity in results, even with sites that have nothing to do with it.

    Oversized Reading Sunglasses

    Meanwhile, here are some sunglass readers that might hide the fact that Boomers, indeed, are getting older:

    • Twoeyes Gina Bifocal Reading Sunglasses (These are not perfect, but they do have the detailing on the sides. Too many sparkles on the front of the frame start to morph into that “crazy granny” style.)
    • Asset Eyewear Sun Readers Caramel Bifocal (Some versions have a lighter tint and can be worn out to dinner, after sundown. Wearing readers can be helpful for any woman attempting to maneuver a soup spoon into a soup bowl.)
    • Speert.com: Style 828 in tortoise, onyx, or black/orange. These might be cute with a big sunhat.

    Sunglass Options

    Because Boomer women are just getting into the bifocal/reading glass stage of their lives, it may be difficult to find the right trendy readers in cute styles and tints. Here are some different keyword options that may help when looking for the perfect eyewear.

    • Bifocal Sunglasses
    • Magnifying Sunglasses
    • Reading Sunglasses
    • Sunglass Readers
    • Sun readers

    Baby Boomers are at the stage where they may need to wear reading glasses. Hopefully, someone is going to get hip to the fact that Boomer Chicks want cute oversized reading sunglasses in fabulous styles, cute tints (pink, blue, amber, or dark), and chic two-toned plastics.